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Helpful Tips to Find the Highest-Quality Dog Food

Finding the “perfect” dog food seems easy in theory. However, when a dog owner begins scouring all the brands, options, blends, and more, this seemingly simple task can quickly become overwhelming. The good news is, there are high-quality sellers, such as, offering the highest-quality food options available on the market for dogs. To ensure that every dog receives the nutrition and great food they want and deserve, be sure to find a quality retailer and use the tips listed here.

Consider the Dog

The physical characteristics of a dog, their behavior, overall health, activity levels, and even their reproductive health all have to be considered when trying to select the right food. For example, lactating mother dogs and puppies are going to require more calories throughout the day than senior pets do. Also, a highly active breed of dog is going to need more calories than couch potato breeds. The amount and type of food fed properly will help a dog avoid all types of health issues that can cause obesity and other problems.

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Get to Know the Buzz Words Used on Dog Food Packages

The wording that is found on an average bag of dog food is a type of code used by this industry that actually tells how much of a certain protein is in the food. For example, if the bag reads “Chicken Dog Food” or “Beef for Dogs” it means that the protein that is listed makes up about 95 percent of the entire product. This doesn’t include the water content. When the water is added in, the results equal out to the FDA-required 70 percent.

Another word to watch out for is “dinner.” For example, if the food is called Salmon Dog Dinner, it only contains 25 percent of the specified protein. This same amount applies to other words, including formula, nuggets, entrée, and platter.

When it comes to finding the right food for a dog, there are a number of factors that have to be considered. It’s a good idea to keep these tips in mind and to visit where more information about dog food can be found.

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